Dental Practice Design – 5 Things to Consider

Deciding on a new design for your dental practice is an exciting time for your dental practice. you need to consider equipment, colours, layout and your own company brand. before you begin there are always things to consider.

See Dental Surgery Refurbishment Interiors 5 step guide below

  1. Check your contact and lease rights:

If you don’t own the freehold of the property and you are planning to refurbish your dental surgery/practice then this is an important factor, is you don’t check first then you could make an expensive mistake. Getting approval for refurbishment is one of the biggest problems our clients face when wanting to carry out a dental refurbishment project.

Ideally, you would build a relationship with your landlord before you bring un the dental practice refurbishment. Then communicate with your landlord honestly about your project needs and what value it can add to them also.

Check your lease/contract to see what permission you must gain before embarking on a refurbished practice.

If you’re ever unsure then consider legal advice or having a solicitor talk with your landlord to help enforce your rights and get you the dental fit out that you desire.


Work with a professional dental fitouts company to get the right estimates for your project. If you under estimate the costs, then raising the capital/finance needed to complete your refurbishment may reduce the chances of you achieving your goals.


Always check that every area you are looking to use has necessary D1 permission. If you are looking to use other areas of the property that you’re in, then this becomes particularly important. Amendments and planning permission changes can take about 8 weeks to do so check this out first and plan the timings in to your project plan.


Who you use is very important. The look and feel of your practice will matter for years to come when it comes to your patient’s satisfaction. Working with a partner who understands what’s needed to deliver, get over any beaurocratic obstacles and has experience in dental practice refurbishment is vital.

Ask for a back catalogue of work, examples of completed projects and testimonials to make sure you’ve got the right partner. You will have a vision in your mind of how you want your practice to look and with the right partner that idea will become reality.


A crucial point to think over as building regulation laws can have implications for your dental surgery down the line. As a dental practice is classified as a commercial property then building regulations will likely be needed.

Typically, this would be an extra cost as it will require detailed drawings and inspection by a consultant to sign it off at various stages. This project cannot be planned as residential and commercial regulations are different.

At Dental Surgery Refurbishment we hope that you find our points useful, if you have any questions or wish to discuss refurbishing your dental practice then get in touch today.