Divo Interiors – London’s Specialists in Dental Practice Refurbishment

Dental Surgery Refurbishment have a divine and eclectic skill set for multiple areas of work. We have a speciality in the refurbishment and design of Dental Surgeries in particular. These types of work spaces differ from the rest due to the unique requirements of their practice. The design aspects we put our hard work into is the building works, surgery design, LDU room design, flooring services, ceilings, pipework for dental equipment and wiring for digital imaging equipment.

The Dental Surgery Refurbishment dental practice interior design business have a 75% success rate with that percentage yielding from repeat business and referrals from clients. Clients have expressed their gratitude after working with us by using our team to execute more design projects on multiple of their surgeries. Perfect Smile Dental Surgery rehired us to work on 3 different branch practices thanks to the high standard of fit-out and workmanship.

We ensure to focus our exchange of business on the key areas that will best benefit you and your dental practice. Across London the dental practice business is thriving, and we believe in a attention to detail with our service. The vital aspects that we draw attention to are reliability, trust, honesty, communication, friendliness, simplicity, efficiency and a stress free low cost experience.

Dental Surgery Refurbishment offer a fast turn over on implementing the designs or fit-out we offer. With fast project delivery in mind we offer our clients a smooth process through meetings, design drafting, extensive research into your design needs and your companies’ ultimate satisfaction. Our dedicated and experienced team are there to ensure all projects run smoothly for the greatest service experience possible. During each project we invest a lot of time, care and commitment with our knowledge gained from the experience we have acquired. We have an understanding that for a successful experience with our clients we keep great communication throughout the process to offer necessary specifications or plans. Our skilled management team makes a extensive effort to give a smooth running project and help towards a truly relaxed environment throughout. Here at Dental Surgery Refubishment we are proud to be strong competitors in the interior design industry for Dental, Design, Build and Engineering.

Needless to say as well as a great communication and experience with any Dental Surgery Refurbishment dental projects we have also have a great understanding of the tech aspects of the Dental business. The technology that goes into the spaces of a dental practice vary in quality and efficiency. Our dental clinic designers and manufacturers are sourced solely to ensure that we provide the highest quality products within your building. As well as quality we also offer an agreement of cost during the planning stages. We believe in making an agreement and sticking to it. With an understanding that other companies have process in which they get to a point where the resources are gone and you can be left to source the funds. This will never happen with our precise planning process.

In addition to the grand equipment and technology we provide and overall customer satisfaction, Dental Surgery Refurbishment also offer service for Shopfronts, Electrical, Carpentry, Plastering, Ceilings, Signage and Graphics, Air-conditioning, Flooring and Coverings, Cabinet Making and Joinery, Data and Communications Networking.

Dental Surgery Refurbishment continue to be the leading design company for Dental Practices across London.

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